Manufacturing Process

raw material control

Large capcity of raw meterial to ensure our production.

Ball milling

Formulary of mixing to ensure the quality of Butterfky Rooof Tiles

Shapping and pressing

The material are compressed in a steel cavity by steel plungers and are then ejected by the bottom plunger. Automated presses are used with operating pressures as high as 3 tones.

Drying & Glazing process

using Air Blow Machine for Faster Drying Process

firing process

Butterfly invest a huge technology on the firing process bu using a combination of electronic and gas technology. This technology ensures all parts of the tile are throughly and completely fired at a temperature of 1100°C, otherwise it will effected the capability of shaping and stength.

quality control

By using computerized scanning, all imperfect tiles are identified and disposed.


Butterfly Roof Tiles packed in bundles/ cartons. Whether 5 or 6 Pcs in abundle / carton will depen on each series.


Butterfly has enough stock to fulfill the demand of our customers.